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Interested in doubling your sales?


Here is one way, do the first small step in Digital Marketing. In any given market 2.5%-3% of people are looking to buy now.


  1. Focus on this 2.5%-3% of prospects in hunt mode and run a targeted Google adWords and/or Facebook marketing campaign that sends them on a high converting landing page.

  2. Give a way something of value for free, encouraging your visitors to signup and receive a free report, or consultation, or a white paper.

  3. Educate your visitors and give them more value than any of your competitors are willing to give. This will position you as the expert in your industry.

  4. Create a campaign of useful information with automated personalised follow-up messages that follows the client through their buying circle.


By giving more value than anyone else in your market for free, when it comes time to ask for the sale results will astonish you.


Deploying strategies like these will compound week on week and will have your website running like a well oiled sales machine.


OKNetTV uses all popular Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Histagram etc. for promoting your business.


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