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When OKNetTV was established its top priority was to create to create one Video-On-Demand TV Channel (i.e. GreekTV247.com) and two Business Networks (i.e. GreekAustralianDeals.com.au and LetsEatGreek.com.au). Those three projects are used in relation to Digital Marketing for promoting Greek-Australian businesses in the Australian market.


For all restaurant onwers (or any other catering shop type) related to Greek cuisine LetsEatGreek.com.au is the Business Network promoting the Greek cuisine and your business in the Australian Market.


According to the services you provide we are going to promote your business and the aim is to bring new customers to your door.


GreekAustralianDeals.com.au is the online Business Network which promotes Greek products and services in the Australian market.


We collaborate with Greek or Greek-Australian companies which either sell their products through us or we promote their services in Australia.



GreekTV247 is a video-on-demand TV channel with Greek video content. The aim is to provide a single point where mainly the Greeks living abroad can be informed and entertained with Greek visual content.


GreekTV247 was designed to easily work from any device and especially the access from a TV is simplyfied by using a set top box.


This visual content is derived mainly from Greece and from every part of the world where Greek communities have developed large. 


In regards to business promotion, GreekTV247 is used to promote businesses in the Greek community of Australia.





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