ArabicTV Box + Zaap TV Arabic (1 year subscription) + Youtube + Skype + Facebook

Enjoy Live TV Channels from the Middle East on all your devices with ZaapTV GO™ today!Imagine nearly endless options for your TV entertainment. Movies, TV Series, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Kids shows, News Shows, Music and many more!

1000+ TV stations from Afghan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen and other countries.

Top quality, no freezing or disconnections, servers located in Australia.


  1. Youtube is pre-installed and you can watch thousands of videos.

  2. Skype is preinstalled on GTV247Box thus you are able to use it and communicate with people you know, i.e. friends and relatives all over the world.

  3. Arabic Box provides you an email address through Google GMail. You receive emails and watch then on your TV's display.

Both Skype & Gmail are configured according your personal details (i.e. Name, Surname), therefore they are ready to use them. You are able to change your Skype & Gmail passwords at any time if you want so.

ArabicTV Box is very simple to use it!


  • You must have internet access at home for watching the channels and/or videos through ArabicTV Box.

  • Wireless Air Mouse is included.

  • 1 year hardware warranty is included.

  • Price includes 1year subscription for the live Arabic channels. After the first year you must purchase another 1 year subscription.

PRICE: $369 AUD + 10% GST


When 1st year expires you buy a Renewal Card from our store.

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